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Buckaroo – il Winchester che non perdona – Italian title
Buckaroo, a Winchester que não Perdoa – Brazilian title
Buckaroo ne pardonne pas – French title
Buckaroo – Galgenvögel zwitschern nicht  – German title
Enas pistoli keravnos – Greek title
Buckaroo - El Winchester Que No Perdona – Spanish title
Buckaroo: The Winchester Does Not Forgive – English title
A Winchester Does Not Forgive – English title
A 1967 Italian production [Magister Film (Rome)]
Producer: Gaetano Amato
Director: Adelchi Bianchi
Story: Antonio Romano, Leo Romano Succiuglia
Screenplay: Leo Romano Scucciuglia
Cinematography: Obedan Troiani [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Lallo Gori (Coriolano Gori)
Song: “Il Buckaroo” sung by Dean Reed
Running time: 92 minutes
Buckaroo – Dean Reed
Annie – Monica Brugger (Monica Braucher)
Lash – Livio Lorenzon
Johnny – Ugo Sasso (Domenico Sasso)
With: Omero Gargano, Jean Louis, Gualtiero Rispoli, Angela Di Leo (Angelo De Leo), Carla Petrillo

Lash and a friend take possession of a silver mine located near a small town near the Mexican border. On a stagecoach trip they are attacked by a gang of outlaws, led by Monteiro. Making a deal with Monteiro, Lash is allowed to live if he kills his partner. The farm located near the mine and the gold deposit belongs to old Johnny, but Lash, a man of few scruples, manages, by intimidation and preventing anyone from going to work for the farmer, to ensure that the company will go more and more down the drain, he hopes to become one day the master of the property. In a few years he has become the richest and most powerful owner of the area and, because of his strength, easily subdues most of the country, thus putting more and more difficulty on Johnny. One day arriving in the country comes Buckaroo, a tamer of wild horses, who agrees to work for the old man, shortly before Johnny dies an ambush. When Buckaroo tries to form a group of men to counter those of Lash, Monteiro returns. After various events Buckaroo manages to restore order in the country putting out of action Monteiro and Lash and discoveres Lash to be the murderer of his father.
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  1. Did anybody ever see this in what version ever?

  2. According to the Spaghetti Western Database one of the guys on the forum states there is an Italian widescreen T.V print with english subtitles out there. Probably taped off of Italian TV.