Saturday, January 17, 2015

Woman With No Name

Woman With No Name –  International title
A 2012 French production [Bacon and Cheese Movies (France)]
Director: Fabio Soares
Story: Brice Durot, Renaud Lissowski, Fabio Soares
Screenplay: Brice Durot, Renaud Lissowski, Fabio Soares
Cinematography: [color]
Music: Junksista (Boog & Diana)
Running time: 29 minutes
Darren Chacal - Arben Bajraktaraj
Woman with No Name – Laura Satana
Marshal Winston Lamarche - Bernie Bonvoisin
Deputy Marshal Sally Pépin - Brigitte Lo Cicero
Jethro Sauvage - Yannick Minvielle
Bud Sauvage - Cyril Perronace
Garde - Guillaume Ferrand
Noemi - Noémie Alazard-Vachet
Christopher Chabaud - Christophe Chabaud
Barman - Aurélien Bernicchia

This silent Latina outlaw never gives her name. Craving for vengeance, she searches for her associates who left her for dead after a bloody heist. Tenacious and unwavered, she never leave debts unpaid and she won’t quit until her former partners bite the dust.
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