Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Verflucht dies Amerika – German title
La banda de Jaider – Spanish title
Jaider’s Gang – U.K. title
Yankee Dudler – English title
A 1973 West German, Spanish co-production [Cinematograficas S.L. (Munich), Zweites Deutsches
Fernsehen (ZDF) (Main), Elías Querejeta Producciones Cinematográficas S.L. (Madrid)]
Producer: Elías Querejeta
Director: Volker Vogeler
Story: Bernardo Fernández, Ul Miehe, Volker Vogeler
Screenplay: Ulf Miehe, Volker Vogeler
Cinematography: Luis Cuadrado (Luis Encinar) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Luis de Pablo (Luis Costales)
Running time: 92 minutes
Sebastian Lennerwein – Artur Brauss
Andreas Hofleitner – Francisco Algora
Mathias Hofleitner – Joaquín Rodríguez
Petrus Kapuszka – Fred Skillkrauth
Josef ‘El Beato’ Mayer – Sigi Graue
August Keller – Roberto Font
Henry Sutton – Eduardo Fajardo
Kate Elder – Geraldine Chaplin
Doc Holiday – William Berger (Wilhelm Berger)
Bank guards – Frank Braña (Francisco Pérez), Dan van Husen (Daniel van Husen)
Saloon owner – Tito García (Pablo González)
Marshal Dave – Luis Bar-Boo (Luis Barboo)
Sam Colt – Xavier Larra
Burton – Antonio Padilla
Banker - Ángel Álvarez (Ángel Fernández)
Jack Brody - Fernando Bilbao
Lydia – Kiti Manver
Farmer - Fernando Bilbao (Fernando Elguezabal)
Indian – Fernando Sánchez Polack
Photographer – Claudio Ruffini
With: Mario Pardo (Mario Rodríguez), Kety de la Cámara (Ketty de la Carmona), Julián Del Monte (Julian Jorge), Alfonso de la Vega, Julio Monje, Kinoto, Alicia Sánchez (Alicia Araujo)
Five Bavarian poachers find themselves in jail and dream of going to America, the land of freedom. In 1885 they are released and try to make their dream come true. They emigrate to America and land in the western town of Yanktown. But even there, they are treated by the people like dirt and perform menial work. Finally, they fall into the hands of Doc Holliday and his girlfriend Kate Elder, where they are exploited and used as henchmen for a bank robbery. Four of them are killed. There last words are: "Damn, this America!"

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