Thursday, January 1, 2015


Wild West Story – International title
A 1963 Swedish production [Dubrava Films, Sandrews (Stockholm)]
Producer: Rune Walderkranz
Director: Börje Nyberg
Story: Börje Nyberg, Robert Brandt (Helmer Brandt), Volodja Semitjov (Vladimir Semitjov)
Screenplay: Börje Nyberg, Robert Brandt (Helmer Brandt), Volodja Semitjov (Vladimir Semitjov)
Cinematography: Hilding Bladh (Karl Bladh) [Eastmancolor, AgaScope]
Music: Georg Riedel, Ann Mari Wiman-Nyberg (Ann Mari Wiman)
Song: “Riding Along Alone” sung by Carli Tornehave
Running time: 97 minutes
Sheriff Lucky Anderson – Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt
Dolly – Lena Granhagen
Enrico/Joe Gonzales – Gerald Mohr
Stinky – Harry Harris (Harrisos Harrisiathis)
Beatrice – Maude Adelson (Maude Adelsson)
Old Joe – John Norman
Barber – Nils Hallberg
Lottie – Barbara Nyberg
Judge – Ingvar Kjellson (Anders Kell)
Jonas – Nils Eklund
Doodle – Ulf Johansson
Fatty – Eric Stolpe (Erik Stolpe)
Buck – Torsten Wahlund (Karl Wahlund)
Rufus – Gregor Dahlman (Karl Dahlman)
Pete – Carl-Olof Alm (Karl Alm)
Mayor – Ragnar Sörman (Bryngel Sörman)
Bartender Sten Ardenstam
Charlie – Carli Tornehave
Can-Can dancer – Sonja Lund
Dancers - Eva Deckner (Eliasson Deckner), Sonja Karlsson, Desiree Edlund, Pia Hammarbäck, Chris Skilton

‘Revolver Kid’ Anderson leaves the town Small Land Hills in the west and moves back to Sweden to run a circus. But when there´s trouble for his old friend Old Joe he sends his son, Lucky Anderson, back to help him. Lucky arrives in town riding a donkey and is a member of “Save the Gunshot Fearing Children”, but of course he´s a real sharpshooter when needed. Old Joe who owns all the land in the area, is having problems with the bandit Gonzalez and his band who are trying to get hold of the land deeds because there is oil on the land, and also some Indians who have forgotten where they buried their battle ax, so they are harmless until they find the right spot so they can dig it up again. Lucky is immediately appointed sheriff by the crooked judge who is in league with Gonzalez, known as "The Fastest Gun in the West". Then appears a troupe with dancing girls and a troubadour, the bandits all fall head over heels in love and go out and pick flowers. So it continues with stupidity and nonsense until the predictable ending with a huge brawl.


  1. While in karlskoga Sweden in the spring of 1964 I saw "The Wild Wild West" in the movie theater. When I describe the movie to friends they don't believe me. Is the movie available in DVD format?

    Durl in California.

  2. Never was released on DVD or Video. Possible it's out there recorded off of TV in a DVD-R format.