Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winnetou and the Secret of Ghost Canyon

Winnetou und das Geheimnis der Geisterschlucht – German title
Winnetou and the Secret of Ghost Canyon – English title
A 2007 German production [May-Star Film Productions (Germany)]
Producer: Mike Dietrich
Director: Mike Dietrich
Story: Mark D. Witt
Screenplay: Mark D. Witt
Cinematography: Florian Linke [color] (1988)
Music: Michael Donner, Martin Bottcher
Song: “Howdy Ho Winnetou” sung by Dirk Maverick
Running time: 87 minutes
Narrator – Horst Janson
Old Shatterhand - Sven Duscha
Winnetou - Mike Dietrich
Scroggins/Yellow Hawk - Franz Hofmann
McIntosh - Fried Wolff
Barnes - Timo Röske
Joe – Fritz Heier
Al - Dietmar Röske
Luke Morris - Arne Kahlen
Steve Benson - Dirk Maverick
Black Buffalo - Josef Reissl
Chatu-Lea – Britta Piesker
Betsy - Jutta Köchling
Rose/Lucy - Barbara Weinreich
Bernhard Ramsey – Wolfgang Berger
Schiba-Yak –Florian Linke
With: Petra Piesker
Stunt coordinator – Mike Dietrich
There is a valuable treasure in mysterious “Ghost Canyon”, which Scroggins and his henchmen wish to attain. Along the way, they kill Black Buffalo’s son Schiba-Yak, and frame Winnetou for the deed, leading to the capture of Winnetou, Shatterhand, and their companions by the Kiowas. Winnetou and Shatterhand must do battle (the former with the chief, and the latter with another brave) to prove their innocence, and after definitive proof is found by Chatu-Lea, Winnetou’s group, and the Kiowas, go after the bandits, ultimately converging at Ghost Canyon.

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