Friday, January 16, 2015

Who Are Those Guys? - Placido Bonifacio

Placido Bonifacio was born in Terranova Di Sibari, Calabria, Italy on October 17, 1962. He studied at the University of Calabria. Palcido is a poet and became a follower of Pier Paolo Pasolini in his fight for justice for the common man. He is a voice of the people of his village and  today holds the office of City Manager of Terranova in charge of elections and the Director of the Public Library of Newfoundland.
Placido has appeared in only one film that being the Euro-western “Buck and the Magic Bracelet” in 1997 as a hunter .

BONIFACIO, Placido [10/17/1962, Terranova Di Sibari, Calabria, Italy -     ] – poet, politician.
Buck and the Magic Bracelet - 1997 (hunter)

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