Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year!
I intend to change the blog this year as for the past five + years I’ve posted special birthday celebrations in five year increments but have gone through the entire list of birthdays that I have in my database and even duplicated some in the past six months. So, I’ve decided to post a list of birthdays daily and highlight with a photo any special birthday celebrations.
I will also start to post alternating film title posts with ‘Who Are Those Guys/Gals?’ postings. Since I am almost through the entire list of films in the database, I will continue on with TV films and series. When that is completed I will post documentaries. When new films come to light or are released I will post them so the blog will continue to be filled with plenty of material.
I want to thank all of you readers and posters who have made appropriate comments and as I’ve stated before, the purpose of the blog is to get it right and I appreciate all the corrections, additions and questions relating to the daily posts.
The genre is far from dead and over the last few years has seen a resurgence of interest that I haven’t seen since the early days of VCRs. There have been more DVD film and CD releases than I could ever have imagined. The Euro-western has found a new cult following and is even being respected by mainstream filmmakers and critics.
Since we celebrated the 50th anniversary of “Fistful of Dollars” the past summer it is only natural that we will be losing more and more of the remaining stars of the genre, their supporting and character actors and crew members who made these remarkable films. I hope you continue the ride along the trail as continue the search for more information and fun all along the way.
I hope you all have a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.
Tom Betts   

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