Monday, January 19, 2015


L’ira di Dio – Italian title
Hasta la última gota de sangre – Spanish title
A Ira de Deus – Brazilian title
Les sept enrages du Texas – French title
Der Einsame – German title
Ein Silberdollar fur den Toten – German title
Lonesome – Der Zone Gottes
Orgi theou – Greek title
Simademenos apo ton Theo – Greek title
Seni Allah affetsin – Turkish title
The Rage of God – English title
The Wrath of God – English title
A 1968 Italian, Spanish co-production [Leone Film, Daiano Film (Rome), Atlántida Films
Producer: Ugo Guerra, Elio Scardamaglia
Director: Albert Cardiff (Alberto Cardone)
Story: Alberto Cardone, Italo Gasperini
Screenplay: Alberto Cardone, Italo Gasperini, Ugo Guerra, José Luis Martínez Mollá
Cinematography: Mario Pacheco [Eastmancolor]
Music: Michele Lacarenza
Running time: 96 minutes
Mike Barnett – Montgomery Ford (Brett Halsey)
Lena/Jane Harris – Dana Ghia (Felicita Ghia)
Jessy – Howard Ross (Renato Rossini)
Burd – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Mark – Franco Fantasia (Francisco Fantasia)
Bob – Paolo Todisco
David – Ángel del Pozo (Angel Merino)
Sam – Carlo Pisacane
Logan – Wayde Preston (William Stranger)
Morris – Franco Gulà (Francesco Gula)
Boss – Asaynoa Runachagua
Pitt – Michael Forrest
Dan - Adalberto Rosseti (Adalberto Rosetti)
Killer: Antonio Padilla
With: Claudio Trionfi

Mike Barnett, who goes into the house of his girlfriend Jane Harris, to collect $10,000 for the purchase of a plot of land, discovers that the girl has been killed. At the same time, seven men attack him, beating him savagely. When he comes to, Mike discovers he’s been left for dead and the bandits have gone and left him $7.00. He immediately decides to take revenge, setting out on their trail. He eliminates them one after the other, leaving a dollar on each of their corpses. In a saloon he faces the man he believes is the gang’s leader. The man manages to escape, but Mike chases him to the gang’s hideout: there, to his surprise, he finds that the bandits had acted under the orders of Dan, his best friend.

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