Friday, January 2, 2015

Who Are Those Guys? – Elio Bonadonna

Elio Bonadonna is an Italian character actor and stuntman. Probably born in the 1930s, he’s the brother of actor Giovanni Bonadonna. Elio was a boxer and became active in the Italian film and television industry from 1961 till his last appearance in 1988. He appeared in a dozen or so films and TV appearances and many more behind the scenes as a fight coordinator, trainer and master of arms during the Peplum film era. During his acting career he usually played in uncredited small roles as thugs, henchman and gang members. He performed stunts in 1961’s “Barabbas” and appeared as one of Shark’s (John Ireland) henchmen in 1975’s “We Are No Angels”. Elio owned and operated a gym in Rome where he taught budding actors how to perform acrobatics, fight and perform stunts. Where he is today is unknown.
BONADONNA, Elio [19??, Italy - 5/?/2003, Italy] – fighter, stuntman, master of arms, TV actor, brother of actor Giovanni Bonadonna.
We are No Angels – 1975 (Shark henchman)

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