Wednesday, January 7, 2015


WinneToons: Die Legende vom Schatz im Silbersee – German title
WinneToons: The Secret of Silver Lake – English title
A 2006 German, Belgium, Philippines co-production [ASL, Europool (Hamburg), DeFamilieJanssen (Brussels) Toon City Animation (Manila)]
Producers: Marc Gabizon, Wolfram Greifenberg, Egon Kemmerich, Gert Ludewig, Christoph Ludz, Daina Sacco, Linda Van Tulden, Till Weitendorf
Director: Gert Ludewig
Story: Jeffrey Scott, Lee Maddux
Screenplay: Jeffrey Scott, Lee Maddux
Animation: Anette Hoffmann, Jody Gannon
Music: Adrian Askew
Running time: 72 minutes
Old Shatterhand, Nscho-chi, Winnetou, Colonel Brinkley, Bobby, Sam Hawkens, Aunt Droll, Hobble Frank, Matron, Black Hawk, Jake, Thomas, Orphanage Director, Mother Thick, Letty, Harry Melton

Arizona 1869: A New York orphan named Bobby is on his way to the Wild West and wants to make his fortune there. He has brought a treasure map, on which is targeted the villainous bandit Colonel Brinkley and his gang. Brinkley brings the boy into his power and abducts Winnetou's little sister Nscho-chi. The Apache chief and his blood brother Shatterhand immediately go in search of Brinkley's gang. But only at Silver Lake are the two heroes able to confront the gang and rescue the children.

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