Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Who Are Those Gals? - Isa Bluette

Isa Bluette was born Teresa Ferrero on September 10, 1898 in Turin, Piedmont, Italy. She started her career at a very young age on the stage of the café-chantant as a chanteuse, becoming noted in particular for her good looks and her strong sensual charge on stage.
She quickly became a headliner and prima donna of a number of successful plays and operettas throughout Italy. Working in Paris at the famous "Passerella"; she is present for the first scene of the soubrette surrounded by a large number of elegant men.
For over twenty years her shows, characterized by great pomp and sensuality, had great success throughout Italy; with her company, Bluette launches the careers some of the most successful comics in the Italian theater such as Erminio Macario (in 1925) and Toto (in 1928). Gatte di lusso, Donne, ventagli e fiori, Madama Follia, Il Paradiso delle donne, Mille e una donna, are some of the titles of this period.
In 1926 she was the subject of a very successful song “Creola” by Ripp (Luigi Miaglia), among others dedicated to her.
In the 1930s she focused more and more on operettas, continuing to always have great success with the public.Poesia senza veli”, “Il ratto delle cubane” sold out in all of Italy.
Isa appeared in only a few films among which was the Euro-western “La donna carnefice nel paese
dell’oro” in 1925
In 1939, shortly before her death on November 10, 1939 in Turin, Italy, she married the actor Nuto Navarrini [1901-1973].
BLUETTE, Isa (Teresa Ferrero) [9/10/1898, Turin, Piedmont, Italy - 11/10/1939, Turin, Piedmont, Italy (kidney disease)] – stage actress, married to actor Nuto Navarrini [1901-1973] (1939-1939).
La donna carnefice nel paese dell’oro – 1925

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