Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Und sie kehrten niemals wieder

Und sie kehrten niemals wieder – German title
(And They Never Returned Again – English translated title)
A 2012 German, Spanish co-production [Brandl Pictures (Munich), UMOS Productions (Madrid)]
Producer: Timo Tirado
Director: Günther Brandl, Helmut Brandl, Monika Brandl
Story: Günther Brandl
Screenplay: Günther Brandl
Cinematography: Helmut Brandl [color]
Music: Markus Pitzer
Running time: 153 minutes
Nameless – Günther Brandl
Ava Conrad – Carolina Rath
Frederik Chamberlain – Vlasto Peyitch (Vlastimir Pejie)
Gabriel Chamberlain – Timo Tirado
Samuel Kaita – Wayne Darrin
Madelaine Kaita – Monika Brandl
Sneyders – Thomas Binder
Eisenbahnes – Alois Brandl
Lauren Chamberlain – Sigrun De Leyra
Chaplow – Armin Dittmansberger
Bandits – Thorsten Duenstl, Armin Sedlmeier
Deputies – Martin Eherer, Robert Fuehrmann
Sheriff Veerden – Peter Eherer
Marshal Winterburn – Josef Fink
Kernaghan – Siegfried Foster
Olivia Muir – Romy Glasel
O’Brien – Alois Göth
Jillian – Clarissa Hopfensitz
Housekeeper – Monika Kersten
Artz – Rainer Kieslich
John Galvez – Rudi Kürschner
Albert Muir – Oliver Maurer
Caspar Jones – Christian Meilhammer
Marshal Hammond – Herbert Meilhammer
Deputy Jacob –Thomas Pill
Deputy Moya - Marcus Schattner
Joshua – Patrick Santy
Abigail Muir – Silke Verheyen
Kind – Yannick Wimmer
With: Martin Faltermeier, Alexander Goldhofer, Stephan Holzner
Shortly after the Civil War, a man wakes up in the midst of corpses. He has no memory and he does not know who he is. Disoriented, he wanders through the prairie in search of answers. At the same time a former slave begins a career as a politician. But hatred strikes him from all sides "so that even from their own ranks an intrigue against him is forged. And there's a bitter bounty hunter who pursues only one goal: to avenge the death of her family. Apparently these people have nothing to do with each other, but their paths will cross in dramatic fashion.

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