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Ciakmull, l’uomo della vendetta – Italian title
Ciakmull – Italian title
De bastaard van Dodge City – Belgian title
Chuck Mull-O Homen da Vingança – Brazilian title
Ciakmull, O Homem da Vingança – Brazilian title
Bastarden fra Dodge City – Danish title
De Bastaard van Dodge City – Dutch title
De wreker – Dutch title
Kostaja – Finnish title
Le batard de Dodge City – French title
Django – Die Nacht der langen Messer – German title
Ein Toter rechnet ab – German title
Tzak Moya – Greek title
Ta 4 pistolia tou Vorra – Greek title
Ciak Mull, o ekdikitis – Greek title
O Homem da Vingança – Portuguese title
Ciakmull, puerta abierta al infierno – Spanish title
Bailando con la luna – Spanish title
Ballant solta la lluna – Spanish title
4 vilda män – Swedish title
Batinin 4 devi – Turkish title
Chuck Mool – English title
The Unholy Four – English title
A 1969 Italian production [B.R.C., PAC (Rome)]
Producer: Manolo Bolgnini
Director: E.B. Clucher (Enzo Barboni)
Story: Franco Rossetti
Screenplay: Mario d Nardo, Franco Rossetti, Luca Montefiori
Cinematography: Mario Montouri [Eastmancolor]
Music: Riz Ortolani (Riziero Ortolani)
Running time: 95 minutes
Chuck Moll – Leonard Mann (Leonardo Manzella)
Woody – Woody Strode (Woodrow Strode)
Silver – Peter Martell (Pietro Martellanza)
Hondo – Luca Montefiroe (Luigi Montefiore)
John Caldwell – Helmuth Schneider
Mr. Udo – Lucio Rosato
Alan Caldwell – Alain Nayà
Ben/Sam – Dino Strano
Tom Udo – Andrew Ray (Andrea Aureli)
Gamblers – Luciano Rossi, Lorenzo Fineschi, Sergio Smacchi
Saloon girl – Silvana Bacci
Sheriff – Enzo Fiermonte (Vincenzo Fiermonte)
John – Salvatore Billa
Jack – Remo Capitani (Renato Capitani)
Burt – Romano Puppo
Caldwell henchman – Paolo Magalotti
Sheila Udo – Evelyn Stewart (Ida Galli)
Flaming Bill – Osiride Pevarello
Big John – Emilio Messina
Tug of war announcer – Dante Cleri
Bounty hunters – Remo De Angelis, Pietro Ceccarelli
Asylum warden – Fortunato Arena
Saloon brawlers Giovanni Cianfriglia, Claudio Scarchilli, Roberto Dell’Acqua
Townsman – Vittorio Fanfoni
With: Giuseppe Lauricelli, Umberto Di Grazia, Gilberto Galimberti

An asylum is set ablaze to cover up a bank robbery and several inmates die in the fire. Four of the inmates manage to escape and one of the four, an amnesiac young man, is recognized by a mortally wounded bank robber, who utters the name of “Ciakmull”, but passes away before he can give any further information. With the three other escaped convicts, Ciakmull (Chuck Mool) tries to put the pieces to this jigsaw puzzle and the events leading to his memory loss and incarceration at the asylum. When they arrive in a small village, he is recognized by a young man who tells him he is his brother. Apparently Ciakmull had a reputation as a great gunman, and his ‘brother’ now asks him to confront the local tyrant, Joe Caldwell, who is known to visit the local graveyard every night. Visiting the churchyard at night, he learns the so-called tyrant is his own father. Thanks to one of Ciakmull’s friends a killing is prevented, but the fatality of the play is respected in a dramatic ending, which turns Ciakmull into the bastard son who was brought into the family by his foster father. Things escalate from there and end in a grand scale gunfight.
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