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Hirttämättömät – Finnish title
Pähkä-Länsi – Finnish title
Pähkähullu Villi Länsi – Finnish title
Pähkävilli hullu länsi – Finnish title
The Unhanged – English title
A 1971 Finnish production [Filmituotanto (Helsinki)]
Producer: Spede Pasanen (Pertti Pasanen)
Director: Pasanen Pertti Pasanen, Loiri Vesa-Matti Loiri
Story: Pertti Pasanen
Screenplay: Pertti Pasanen
Cinematography: Kari Sohlberg [black & white]
Music: Jaako Salo
Running time: 85 minutes
Speedy Gonzales – Spede Pasanen (Pertti Pasanen)
The Lonely Rider – Vesa-Matti Loiri
Tonto – Simo Salminen
Margareta Smith – Pirjo Laitila
Indian girls – Evi Wager (Evita Wager), Heli Lehtonen
Bartender/sheriff/county clerk/pimp/midwife/priest – Olavi Ahonen (Kauko Ahonen)
Men at the warhole – Jaako Talaskivi, Pentti Taivainen
Resident of Njetponimajstad – Heikki Kuvaja

The Lonely Rider, accompanied by his Indian sidekick Tonto think they have captured the outlaw Speedy Gonzales, a ruthless gunfighter from the town of Njietponimaistadi. They embark to take him to town for the reward. After riding through the dessert, without water, and fighting against Indians, they discover their heroism has brought them back, full circle as the joke is on them. Speedy has trapped the two men who are unaware they are wanted and have a price on their head which he now collects.
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