Friday, August 8, 2014

Remembering Jean Josipovici

Jean François Josipovici was born on August 8, 1914 in Triel-sul-Seine, Île de France, France. The son of a French diplomat in Cairo, Egypt, in 1937, he graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Aix-Marseille, with a thesis on pure introspection: Fragments of inner life. He made ​​the acquaintance of Jean Giono and prepares in 1938 in Vence, France, a book on their correspondence: Lettre à Jean Giono.
In 1948, is represented in Paris his comedy “Docteur Hinterland” at the People’s Party Theatre, directed by Jean Mercure .
In 1954, Jean Josipovici married French actress Viviane Romance [1912-1991] (1954-1956). The same year, for the reopening of Parisian cinema he presented “Le Louxor” on 4 August 1954, the hall projects the newly released movie of Jean Josipovici: “The Flesh and the Devil”, in which appears Viviane Romance .
In the mid-1970s, Jean Josipovici settled in Italy. He published several Italian esoteric works: Prisons esoteric (1975), The Postman (1976) Catharsis of Mary Magdalene (1977), From obscurantist science (1978) Initiation of Happiness (1982), The Adventure spiritual Franz Anton Mesmer (1986), Under the Blue Sky (1987), Suite (1988), Alta Mass (1990), I limiti della scienza (1990) .
Jean co-wrote the screenplay for one Euro-western: “Joe Dakota” (1971).
Jean Josipovici died on June 25, 1992 in Rossano, Cosenza, Italy.
Today we remember Jean Josipovici on what would have been his 100th birthday.

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