Saturday, August 16, 2014

Remembering Loris Gizzi

Loris Maria Gizzi was born on August 16, 1899 in Rome, Lazio, Italy. Son of Wenceslas Gizzi and Matilde Palcani, after graduating from the university he attended a school of dance and song, Loris had a clear voice and baritone, then choosing, for economic reasons, to take a job as the clerk of the state railways reaching the rank of sub-stationmaster. At that time, he discovered his vocation as an actor, he attended some dramatic societies where he found a way to stand out with brilliant acting and committed desire to succeed.
In 1923, during an outdoor show on the Palatine Hill in Rome in honor of royal guests, Gizzi was chosen to play the part of Remo in a text entitled Rumon. He then became a member of the company of Joseph Sterni reciting later alongside great actors like Hannibal Betrone, Uberto Palmarini, Louis Carini, Emma Gramatica, Ruggero Ruggeri also acting with Besozzi-Ferrati.
Recitation with Peppino De Filippo, in 1949, he was accepted into the company of Gizzi-Barbara-Annicelli; then, in the early 1950s as part of the Company of Theatre of the Satyrs in Rome with Cesarina Gheraldi he participated on several occasions shows at the Institute of Sacred Drama.
Short, stout and certainly not handsome, he found a great deal of work in film as a character actor. He made his on-screen debut in 1933 immediately becoming noted for his placid air and friendliness. He appeared in only one Euro-western: “Heads or Tails” (1968) as Rose Bud.
Gizzi was also very active in television, taking part in numerous television dramas including ‘Il mulino del Po’ (1963), ‘David Copperfield’ by Anton Giulio Majano, ‘1966’ , in which he plays the father of inflexible Laura Efrikian, ‘Buddenbrook’ (1971) , in which he played the character of Senator Möllendorpf.
Possessing a warm unmistakable pasty voice, Loris takes part in voice dubbing for such famous actors as Lionel Barrymore, Alan Hale, Ward Bond, Leo G .Carroll, Herbert Marshall and Donald Crisp.
Gizzi died in Rome on October 6, 1986.
Today we remember Loris Gizzi on what would have been his 115th birthday.

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