Thursday, August 28, 2014

Vengeance at Camargue

Vendetta at Camargue – French title
Vendetta Rusticana – French title
Bloedwraak in Camargue – Dutch title
Steppenrache – German title
Vendetta Rusticana – Italian title
Miss Cowboy – English title
Vengeance at Camargue – English title
A 1949 French production [Societe des Films Neptune (Paris)]
Producer: ?
Director: Jean-Devaivre
Story: Jean Devaivre, Rene Mejean
Screenplay: Jean Devaivre, Rene Mejean
Cinematography: Lucien Joulin [black & white]
Music: Joseph Kosma
Running time: 88 minutes
Huguette – Brigitte Auber (Brigitte Labzuc)
Conchita – Rosy Varte (Nevarte Manouelian)
Frede – Jean Paqui (Jean de Thonel)
Krebs – Thomy Bourdelle (Thonmy Bourdel)
Zacramir – Jacques Dufilho
Hurchart – Jean Tissier
Madame Huchart – Mady Berry (Madeleine Van Blitz)
Daniel Tiersot – Daniel Sorano
With: Rene Baranger, Emile Billiau, Louis Devaivre, Morello, Denis Thibaud, Marlene Ranger

Huguette, a young woman, faces a difficult job when her after her parents death she inherits their bull breeding ranch. Cattle are being stolen by a gang of thieves and the ranch hands are furious at being ordered about by a girl. Huguette is up to the task and with her courage, tenacity and the help of her neighbor Frede she is able to overcome the obstacles and even finds out here own foreman is the leader of the cattle thieves.

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