Friday, August 17, 2012

New Book Release

Almuzara and Film presents Granada, Juan Jose Carrasco Soto

By Sara Roma

Granada and the cinema by Juan Jose Carrasco Soto is a new publication just released by the publisher Almuzara. This is a valuable and readable study of all the movies that have been filmed in Granada and does not leave you indifferent to those who wish to approach this work, given the amount of surprises that meet the reader about the shootings that have taken place, and the actors who have participated in the Andalusian capital.
Novo Paul, editor of the publication, said that "In this regard there is a huge void, that many Grenadians remembered about the many movies that were filmed here because they had seen a moment or two of filming or had heard about it, but cannot imagine the enormous amount of shooting for which Granada has lent its scenery."
From westerns like “Once Upon a Time in the West” and a “Few Dollars More” until more recent films like “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, through titles that have shaped the film image of the monumental epics that  anything is possible in Granada . All these films have been paraded through the city and its province such filmmakers as Steven Spielberg, Sergio Leone, John Huston and David Lean, among others.
For the present work was taken into account for films and television series, picking up where it was filmed. The work is complemented by anecdotes regarding filming and stills from the films with the most evocative sites and miscellaneous scenes of the golden age in which many abounded in the decades of the sixties and seventies of the last century.
A test certifying that anything is possible in Granada.
About the Author
Juan Jose Carrasco Soto was born in Granada in 1947, studied at the College of the Sacred Mountain very early age had a passion for film shoots you see in the coming and going to school. With eighteen years is beginning to work sporadically in the newspaper Ideal de Granada, conducting interviews in the world of theater and film. Later he started working daily in the newspaper Patria, also from Granada, coordinating film criticism, reports of shootings and interviews with actors taking advantage of the boom film produced in the province of Granada. This work also develops Leaf Monday. Their contact with the world of film and journalism led him to produce a movie and was named the magazine's editorial director of national Manifesto century.


  1. location
    station esperenza navajo joe
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  2. I only wish it were. Since the book is not available outside of Spain at the present time we'll have to wait and see if a copy can be smuggled out to the rest of the world and end this search for the lost "Navajo Joe" location.

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  4. Thank you, I've ordered a copy.