Thursday, July 19, 2012

RIP Franco Reitano

Composer, musician Franco Reitano died in Milan, Italy on July 12, 2012. He was 70. Franco was the brother of fellow composers and musicians Domenico and Mino [1944-2009] and Vincenzo ‘Gege’ [1940- ]. Born Francesco Reitano on September 5, 1942 in the town of Fiumara, Reggio, Calabria, Italy the brothers formed their own singing group in the 1960s called Franco Reitano and his Brothers. Franco recorded his first 45 recording “Tu sei la luce" and "Non sei un angelo" in 1961. At the end of the year he moved to Germany where the group was signed to a series of performances, including in a club where the Beatles played together in their early days. Later his brother Mino became a star with Franco as his manager and songwriter. Franco collaborated with his brothers Mino and Domenico on the score for one Euro-western “Tara Poki” (1971).

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