Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Massacro al grande Canyon – Italian title
I pascoli rossi – Italian title
Verilöyly Grand Canyonissa – Finnish title
Massacre au grande canyon – French title
Keinen Cent für Ringos Kopf – German title
Oi 7 yperohoi tou El Passo – Greek titlte
Dolofonia sto Canyon Grande – Greek title
Klopka u Grand kanjonu – Turkish title
Red Pastures – English title
Grand Canyon Massacre – English title
Massacre at Canyon Grande – English title
Massacre at Grand Canyon - English title
Massacre at Grande Canyon – English title

A 1963 Italian production [Ultra Cinematografica, Pro-Di Cinematografica (Rome)]
Producer: Danilo Marciani
Director: Stanley Corbett (Sergio Corbucci), Albert Band
Story: Edward C. Geltman
Screenplay: Stanley Corbett (Sergio Corbucci), Albert Band
Dialogue: Fede Arnaud [Italian dialogue]
Cinematography: Enzo Barboni [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Gianni Ferrio
Song: “The Cow-Boy Song” sung by Rodd Dana (Roger Francke)
Running time: 89 minutes

Wes Evans – James Mitchum (Joshua Mitchum)
Nancy Dancer – Jill Powers
Tully/Rudy Dancer – George Ardisson (Giorgio Ardisson)
Bear Mason - Burt Nelson
Eric Dancer – Edward Cianelli (Eduardo Cianelli)
Sheriff Burt Cooley – G.R. Stuart (Giacomo Rossi Stuart)
Clay Dancer – Andera Giordana
Ace/Harry Mason – Nando Poggi (Ferdinando Poggi)
Curley Manson – Ryan Earthpick (Renato Terra)
Harley Whitmore – Medar Vladimir (Vladimir Medar)
Flake Mason – Gavrik Vlastimir (Vlastimit Gavrik)
Flake's woman - Mila Sannoner
Whitmore henchman - Benito Stefanelli

After two years on the trail, Wes Evans returns to his hometown after avenging the murder of his father. He finds things have changed while he’s been away and is placed between the crossfire of two rival gangs who vie for the possession of some disputed land. After various events and gunfights, the bandits are routed and Wes can finally join up the girl he has always loved.


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  1. love this movie James Mitchum does a great job selling his character in this one as he has don in so many before and after thanks for sharing tom i think i will watch this one again tonight cheers have a swell day.....