Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Midday Cowboy

Cowboy de mediodia – Spanish title
Midday Cowboy – English title

A 2002 Spanish production [Escandalo Films S.L. (Barcelona)]
Producer: Jofre Farre
Director: Alberto Blanco (Alberto Blanco Montes)
Story: Alberto Blanco (Alberto Blanco Montes)
Screenplay: Alberto Blanco (Alberto Blanco Montes)
Cinematography: Alberto Borque González [Kodakcolor]
Music: Javier Gimeno
Running time: 11 minutes

Nicanor – Carlos Lucas (Carlos Ampuero)

Nicanor is a retired legendary cowboy. As we watch some of his usual daily activities such as trying to ride a horse or playing horseshoes, he recounts some of his alleged great deeds. Nicanor talks about what it was like to be in a place like the Old West as a respectable lawman, something that undoubtedly he has not achieved. The last representative of an endangered species, the old man recounts his adventures with an exaggerated bombast, shedding his narrative inconsistencies that make us suspect that he is not exactly who claims to be.


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