Tuesday, July 3, 2012


La marquee de Zorro – French title
Zorro jele – Hungarian title
O Regresso de Zorro – Portuguese title
La marca del Zorro – Spanish title
La marca del Zorro – Venezuelan title
The Sign of Zorro – English title
The Mark of Zorro – English title

A 1974 French, Belgium co-production [Eurociné (Paris), Bruz International (Brussels)]
Producer: Marius Lesoeur, Daniel Lesoeur
Director: James Gardner (Marius Lesoeur, Jess Franco, Alain Payet)
Story: Jack Guy (Guy Gilbert)
Screenplay: Jack Guy (Guy Gilbert)
Cinematography: Alain Hardy [Eastmancolor]
Music: ?
Running time: 88 minutes

Additional cast added to the original 1962 release of “The Sign of Zorro”.
José/Zorro – Clint Douglas
Miss Hayes – Monica Swimm
Governor Hayes – Howard Vernon
Colonel – Roger Darton
Juan Aguilar – Jean-Pierre Bouyxou
Soldier - René  Gaillard
Madame Caillard – Mary Stanford

In 1974 the “Sign of Zorro” (1962) was re-edited with added footage and turned into a porn film by adding scenes shot for the occasion with Monica Swinn in a leading role.

Zorro performs his usual dual role as a fop and a vigilante, while a new Governor of California arrives with his daughter. The new Governor wants to usher in an era of peace, but the colonel in charge of his armies is corrupt, preferring to continue preying on the people of California, robbing them and killing any who oppose him. Caught up in the mess is Juan Aguilar, a Californian opposed to the colonel who finds himself falsely accused of murder. It’s up to Zorro to prove his innocence, the guilt of the colonel, and establish peace.

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