Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RIP Benedetto Ghiglia

Italian composer Benedetto Ghiglia died on July 4, 2012 in Rome. Born in Fiesole, Veneto, Italy on December 27, 1921 his funeral was held in the chapel of the non-Catholic cemetery in Rome. After spending many years at La Scala in Milan composing for the theater, he then chose to express his talent by composing for the cinema. His first full film score was done in 1965 for “La bugiarda”. Since this was at just this time the Spaghetti western craze was taking off Ghiglia jumped into the fray at the early stages composing scores for such films as “Adios Gringo” (1965) with Giuliano Gemma, “A Stranger in Town” with Tony Anthony and “El Rojo” with Richard Harrison (both 1967), “$4.00 of Revenge” and “Starblack” (aka “Johnny Colt”) both with Robert Woods (both 1968). Benedetto is also remembered for other film scores such as “La bugiarda di Comencini” (1964), “Porcile di Pasolini” (1969) “San Michele aveva un gallo” (1972), “Trevico-Torino (viaggio nel Fiat-Nam)” (1975), “To Forget Venice” (1979). Ghiglia also composed television scores including the documentaries “I 600 giorni di Salò” (1991) and “Galeazzo Ciano una tragedia fascista” (both 1991). Benedetto Ghiglia was 90.

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