Sunday, July 15, 2012


Mátalo! – Italian title
¡Mátalo! – Spanish title
Mata-Lo! – Brazilian title
Det Stora Klippet – Dutch title
Kolmen kopla – Finnish title
Matalo – French title
Wilkomen in de Holle – German title
Kremaste ta ktini – Greek title
Kolmen Kopla – Norwegian title
Det stora klippet – Swedish title
They Called Him Matalo – English title
Kill Him! – English title
Welcome to Hell City – English title
Matalo! – English title

A 1970 Italian, Spanish co-production [Rofima Cinematografica (Rome), Copercines Cooperativa Cinematografica, Luis S.A. (Madrid)]
Producer: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero
Director: Cesare Canevari, Nico Ducci, Mino Roli
Story: Eduardo Manzanos Brochero
Screenplay: Eduardo Manzanos (Eduardo Manzanos Brochero), Nico Ducci, Mino Roli (Erminio Pontiroli)
Cinematography: Julio Ortas (Julio Plaza) [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Mario Migliardi
Song: “Matalo” sung by Giano Ton
Running time: 91 minutes

Ray/Todd – Lou Castel (Ulv Quarzel)
Bart/Burt – Corrado Pani
Ted/Theo – Antonio Salines
Mary – Claudio Gravy  (Maria Perin)
Phillip – Luis Dávila (Hector Gonzalez)
Mrs. Gertrude/Constance Benson – Ana María Noé
Bridget – Ana María Mendoza
Baxter – Miguel Del Castillo
Widow – Diana Sorel (Laura Jimeno)
Bearded bandit - Joaquín Parra
With: Bruno Boschetti, Mirella Pamphili (Azzurra Pamphilli)

Bart, a young outlaw eager to kill in cold blood, is saved from the gallows by his friends a group of ruthless bandits in order take possession of  a gold shipment. He joins three shady characters - Phillip, Ted and Mary - who attack a stagecoach carrying two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. During the robbery Bart is shot and left for dead, while his accomplices reach an abandoned town, Benson City, with the loot. Their intention is to stay hidden for a few days. Sometime later a widow and a young Australian named Ray who is a peaceful young man whose only weapons are a few boomerangs arrive in town. Suspicious, Phillip and the other two imprison them and torture them trying to find out about a non-existent secret. Taking advantage of a temporary absence of Phillip and Mary, however, Ray manages to break free and kills Ted. Meanwhile, Bart, who is still alive, is determined to get rid of his accomplices. He goes into hiding waiting for the right moment to steal the money. During a furious shoot-out, however, Bart is beaten to death by an old lady Gertrude Benson, the sole inhabitant of the desolate town. Indifferent to the gold left by the bandits, Ray walks away with the widow.



  1. love this film in fact i own 2 copies of the wild east version it is a very bizarre western but very entertaining as well thanks tom for sharing this gem with us cheers

  2. Joaquin Parra is in this film and from what I just found out on Wikipedia, he died last year. My guess is that he was born on January 10, 1927, in Madrid, Spain and died of natural causes on October 5, 2022, in either Madrid or Mexico City when he was 95. The only film I remember seeing him in was "Killer Goodbye" AKA "Killer Adios" with Peter Lee Lawrence from 1968. His name pops up in the opening credits. Other than that, I don't know much about him but I hope this helps.