Wednesday, May 12, 2010

RIP Antonio Ozores

Spanish comedian and actor Antonio Ozores dies Wednesday May 12th in Madrid at 81 years of age. Ozores had been fighting cancer for a long while. Ozores, who was born in the town of Burjassot Valencia, Spain on August 24, 1928. He participated in over 160 films, 200 plays, and several series on television and radio. Antonio was the son of actor Mariano Ozores and the brother of director Mariano Ozores, Jr. [1926- ], actor José Luis Ozores [1923-1968], uncle of actress Adriana Ozores [1959- ]. He was married to actress Elisa Montes [1936- ] from 1958 until 1969 when they divorced. Antonio is the father of actress Emma Ozores [1966- ].

Ozores made his screen debut in 1950's “El ultimo caballo” and remained active until shortly before his death because according to him, “They always need an older man in the movie.” His last film appearance was in “Pelotazo nacional” (1993) and his last stage work was with his daughter Emma in “El último que apague la luz”.

Antonio Ozores appeared in only one Euro-western 1983's “Al este del Oeste”.

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