Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Giuseppe Ruzolini

Giuseppe Ruzzolini was born on May 21, 1930 in Rome, Italy. Starting as an apprentice cameraman, his first film as cinematographer was “Maigret à Pigalle” (1966) directed by Mario Landi. His technique would soon be considered one of the most popular and respected in Italian films. He filmed a string of Paolo Pasolini films from 1967-1974 including “Oedipus Rex” (1967), “Teorama” (1968), “Porcile” and “Amore e rabbia” both in 1969 and “Il fiore delle mille e una notte” (1974). He worked with some of the greatest directors in Italian cinema including the Taviani brothers, Pontecorvo, Leone and Lizzani. He was the cinematographer on three Euro-westerns: “Duck You Sucker” (1971), “My Name is Nobody” (1972) and “The Genius” (1975) all for Sergio Leone. He was the cinematographer on Tony Anthony's 3-D film “Treasure of the four Crowns” (1983). He retired after filming “Bodyguards – Guardie del corpo” directed by Neri Parenti in 2000 and a total of 75 films. Today we celebrate Giuseppe Ruzzolini's 80th birthday.

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