Saturday, May 22, 2010


Una cuerda al amanecer – Spanish title
Sei una carogna… e t’ammazzo! – Italian title
Les charognards meurent à l’aube – French title
You are Carrion and Y Will Kill You – Greek title
Furia em Oregon – Portuguese title
You are a Traitor and I Will Kill You – English title
A Cry of Death – English title

A 1971 Spanish, Italian co-production [Cire Film (Barcelona), Universalia Vision (Rome)]
Producer: Elio Pannaccio, Isidro Estaba
Director: Manuel Esteba (Manuel Gallego)
Story: Manuel Esteba (Manuel Gallego)
Screenplay: Manuel Esteba (Manuel Gallego)
Cinematography: Girolamo La Rosa [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: V. Kojucharov (Vasili Kojucharov)
Running time: 79 minutes

Campanita/Little Bell'/Barrett - Pierre Brice
Campanita/'Little Bell'/Barrett - David Rocha [flashback scene]
Ted Marshall - Steven Tedd (Giuseppe Cardillo)
Sebastian - Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Lola/Lucy - Marta Flores (Marta de la Paz)
Roy Caulder - Molino Rojo (Antonio Molino Rojo)
Nancy/Maria/Catherine Marshall - Mónica Randall (Aurora Sarasa)
preacher - Raúl Aparici
Pedro/Jonathan - Gaspar González
townsman - Manuel Muñiz (Murriz Brandariz)
sheriff - Miguel Muniesa
blacksmith - Moisés Rocha
Pedro henchman - Sergio Aparici
with; José Nieto, Alberto Vila, Ferrucio Viotti, Jony Fairen (Juan Farre)

A bounty hunter, dressed in black, is after a rich landowner named Barrett, who is having his neighboring homesteaders murdered, by an unseen killer, for their land. After Barrett has Sebastian's faithful mule killed in payment for a case of whiskey he drank, Sebastian teams up with Marshal Ted Mulligan. The two, one seeking vengeance the other justice until a final showdown with the mysterious killer settles the issue.


  1. Is there any review around, somewhere?

  2. Sorry Fatman, I can find very little if anything on this film.

  3. Review by Starblack:,1940.msg86308.html#msg86308

    I'd like to see Esteba's director's cut of this, which was released only in Spain as far as I know. Italian version re-edited by Pannaccio is the one that was dubbed to English.

    Greek tape has onscreen title "You Are a Carrion and Y Will Kill You"

  4. Thanks. Found a rather long synopsis in an often very useful database here:!

    a site, that offers some contemporary reviews sometimes, too (all in Italian).

  5. Thanks Smjango and Fatman. I'll check them both out.