Saturday, May 1, 2010

Happy 90th Birthdy Mario Montuori

Mario Montuori was born on May 1, 1920 in Rome, Italy. He is the son of cinematographer Carlo Montuori [1885-1968]. He started his career as a camera operator on “The Bicycle Thief” (1947) and then worked as a cinematographer with director Mario Soldati in the early 1950s. He is best know for his work with Roberto Rossellini on “Love at 20” (1962), “Cosimo de Medici” (1973) “Year One” (1974) and “The Messiah” (1978). He was the cinematographer on four Euro-westerns: “The Dream of Zorro” (1951), “The Fury of Johnny Kid” (1966), “The Forgotten Pistolero” (1969) and “The Unholy Four” (1969). Today we celebrate Mario Montuori's 90th birthday.

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