Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Happy 80th Birthday Alexander Allerson

Alexander Allerson was born on May 19, 1930 in Ostroda, Poland. His first appearance was on the TV series “Die Firma Hesselbach” (1961) followed by his first film “Barras heute” (1963) with Karl-Otto Alberty. He would go on to appear in over 80 film and TV appearances. His last being in the 1997 TV film “Sexy Lissy” wirh Liane Forestieri. Allerson appeared in two Euro-westerns “Vengeance” with Richard Harrison in 1967 and “My Name is Nobody” in 1972 with Terence Hill and Henry Fonda. He would also appear in the 1977 TV film “The Lost Gold of the Incas” as Ben Collins. Allerson was also a stage actor and with his deep smokey voice he was perfect as a voice dubber. He's retierd and living in Munich, Germany Today we celebrate Alexander Allerson's 80th birthday.

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