Sunday, May 2, 2010

Against Time

The writer, journalist and film critic José Manuel Serrano Cueto has started shooting the documentary "Against Time", which aims to restore the image and voice of the character actors who staged the Spanish genre cinema in the sixties and seventies of the twentieth century.

The central idea is to see who they were in their moment of glory and who they are now and what they are doing, many worked a lot in numerous international productions sharing the bill with some big Hollywood stars, although today few people remember them" Serrano said in an interview with Efe.

In the case of Aldo Sambrell, aka Alfredo Sanchez Brell, appeared in many Western movies, with a leading role in "A Fistful of Dollars" by Sergio Leone, and became a film star, in “Navajo Joe" directed by Sergio Corbucci, which co-starred Burt Reynolds who was then a relatively unknown actor.

Serrano explains that "many of these actors shooting westerns was the beginning of their careers as character actors and they are still playing small roles today," such as Carlos "Charly" Bravo, who recently recorded the video “Porque las cosas cambian” (aka Because Things Change) by Enrique Bunbury , in which he plays himself as an old age rocker.

These actors and actresses not only worked in Western films, but also in other genres such as adventure, police and the terror films.

Mirta Miller is an example of an actress specializing in horror films, even today she's remembered more for her foreign sexy roles in the comedies of Alfredo Landa and others," said Serrano, who was also reminded that the Danish actress Lone Fleming, "today has already left the cinema and is dedicated to painting."

Frank Brana, Mabel Escaño , Gloria Osuna, Ricardo Palacios and Jack Taylor are some of the veterans with whom the film team has shot with Serrano doing interviews or will be in the coming in the following weeks to complete "Against Time." The goal is to present it at the Malaga Film Festival next year.

It seems like a long time away but it's not really that much," says the young director, who presented the documentary project in a forum that concluded the festival this weekend in the Andalusian city.


  1. Sounds like a great project. Looking forward to it already!

  2. I agree it sounds like a Spanish version of "L'America a Roma" about the Italian character actors of the Spaghetti westerns and how it effected their lives and what they were doing when the film was made. Looking forward to it also.