Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy 85th Birthday Eugenio Martin

Eugenio Martin Márquez was born on May 15, 1925 in Granada, Spain. He studied law at the University of Granada and management at QFII and made several short films. He then worked as an assistant director for such directors as Nathan Juran, Nicholas Ray and Guy Hamilton. During the Spaghetti western era he directed four of the genre films: “The Ugly Ones” with Tomas Milian , also the screenplay (1966), “Duel in the Eclipse” with Lang Jeffries (1967), “Pancho Villa” with Telly Savalas (1971) and “Bad Man's River”, also the screenplay with Lee Van Cleef (1972). He then founded Vega Films in 1972. Eugenio was sometimes credited as Gene Martin. Eugenio's last film was 1996's “La sal de la vida”. His biography “Eugenio Martin un autor para todos los generos” by Carlos Aguilar and Anita Haas was released in 2008. Today we celebrate Eugenio Martin's 85th bithday.

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