Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy 85th Birthday Eddi Arent

Eddi Arent was born Gebhardt Georg Arendt on May 5, 1925 in Danzig and has appeared in nearly 100 films and television appearances. He began his career after World War II as a cabaret artist and then in German film shorts. His first film was in “The Doctor of Stalingrad” in 1958. He made his mark as a bumbling butler and detective in the Horst Wendlandt produced Edgar Wallace films. He would carry this same character over to the Karl May films where he appeared in three of the Winnetou films as Lord Castlepool: “The Treasure of Silver Lake” (1962), “Last of the Renegades” (1964), “Man with the Long Gun” (1968). He made his last appearance in the RTL-TV Edgar Wallace films as Sir John the head of Scotland Yard. He and his wife also owned and operated the Hotel Neustadter Hof from 1993-2004 when they were forced to file bankruptcy. In 2007 the hotel was granted a non-profit license and Eddi and his wife were granted lifetime tenancy. Do to age and health reasons Eddi is now living in a senior home in Munich. Today we celebrate Eddi Arent's 85th birthday.

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