Thursday, January 7, 2010

Who Are Those Guys - Ettore Arena

Not much is known about Ettore Arena. He is the son of actor Fortunato Arena and he appeared in films since the mid-1960s. His first film appearance was in “Lultimo gladiatore” aka (Messalina Against the Son of Hercules) (1964). His last recorded film appearance was in 1977's “Per amoredi Poppea” He was also an assistant director on four films. His participation in Eurowesterns was as a character actor and extra. He apparently was murdered in a fight over a woman in 1977.

ARENA, Ettore [1/10/1948, Italy -7/30/1992 Rome, Lazio, Italy] – actor, assistant director, son of Fortunato Arena [1922-1994]

Blood at Sundown - 1966
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly -1966  (Mexican observer at Tuco's hanging)
$7.00 to Kill - 1966 (saloon patron)
The Two Faces of the Dollar - 1967
Blood and Guns - 1968
Execution - 1968 (prison guard)
And God Said to Cain - 1969 (convict)
Drop Them or I'll Shoot -1969 (townsman)
The Stranger's Gundown  1969 (Murdock henchman)
Any Gun Can Play - 1970
They Call Me Trinity - 1970 (Mormon)
The Twilight Avengers - 1970 (Parker henchman)
Blazing Guns - 1971 (soldier)
The Crazy Bunch - 1974
Eh? Who's Afraid of Zorro - 1975 (soldier)


  1. Sorry, Tom, but pic is not showing attore.

    Here's a bunch of Ettore photos on Bertrands site:

  2. Not sure that's Ettore Arena on this photo.
    Not at all ! Ettore Arena is older and he looks like his brother Fortunato .

  3. Picture shows Gigi Proietti, btw.

  4. ....and while we're on it: His fifth and apparently last credit as assisting director is for GUNAN IL GUERRIERO, made in 1982

  5. Fatman - My research shows Fortunato Arena is the father of Ettore not brother.

    Can anyone help with clarification on this.

  6. Ettore Arena info link:

  7. Also see this thread of photos and postings.

  8. Wow! You seem to be right. So allmy credist for Ettore Arena will go to "unknown actor resembling Fortunato Arena" again. To explain my Gigi-Proietti-mistake: I had this:
    much more recent photo of Proietti and though it'd be the same.

    But who might be the one looking like Fortunato then...

  9. Fatman - Always appreciate your input, corrections and support. As you know for every answer we seem to uncover another question mark appears. Example their are to Joe Camels one as most people know is an alias for Jose Canalejas but their was a British(?) actor named Joe Kamel who is often credited as Canalejas. Marco Davo is another can of worms. We just recently found out who Tony Norton is, and their are several actors without names who we see all the time that go uncredited. I will post Fortunato Arena soon so I'll be looking for your input. Did you also notice in the Thrilling Forum post that supposedly both the Arena's have passed on?

  10. No, I didn't (went through all postings, again), sorry.

  11. Perfetto! Grazie, volevo gia' sempre sapere che chi è Ettore Arena! E veramente, lui assomiglia al suo padre! Purtroppo sono morto tutti e due!

  12. Hello , Tom , sorry for my mistake ( the same that Fatman )...Wich you make someday a who's who gallery of these unknown acteurs or stuntmen...If it's possible ...BRAVO for your good job !

  13. Never a problem I get 'em wrong as often as I get 'em right and there are to many questions out there. I accept all feedback as the goal is to get things correct. I welcome any and all information, corrections, additions and challenges. I also agree that a gallery of character actors, actresses and stuntmen would be very welcome.