Saturday, January 30, 2010


Charley le borgne – French title
Charley One-Eye – British title

A 1972 British production [David Paradine Productions, Saga (London)]
Producer: David Frost, James Swann
Director: Don Chaffey (Donald Chaffey)
Screenplay: Keith Leonard
Cinematography: Kenneth Talbot [Technicolor]
Music: John Cameron
Song: “Don’t You Know That it Might Rain” sung by ?
Running time: 109 minutes

The Black Man - Richard Roundtree
The Indian - Roy Thinnes
bounty hunter - Nigel Davenport (Arthur Davenport)
officer’s wife - Jill Pearson
Mexican driver - Aldo Sambrell (Alfredo Brell)
Mexican youth - Luis Aller
Mexican leader - Rafael Albaicín (Ignacio-Rafael Escudreo)
Tony - Alex Davion (Alexander Davion)
Bob - Johnny Sekka
Penelope - Madeline Hinde (Madeleine Hinde)
Richard - Patrick Mower
Chris - Imogen Hassall
Holstrom - Edward Woodward
Honeydew - William Mervyn (William Pickwood)
colonel - David Lodge
bounty hunter - Nigel Davenport

A Union Army deserter heads to Mexicn after killing his commanding officer when he's caught with the officer's wife. He takes refuge in a small Mexican church where he encounters a crippled Indian who has been cast out from his tribe, and his pet chicken 'Charley One-Eye'. They are forced into helping each other when a bounty hunter arrives tracking down the soldier for a $500 reward. Several of the villagers are killed and the when the soldier runs out of amunition the villagers stone him to death.

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