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Il ritorno di zanna bianca – Italian title
Le retour de Croc Blanc – French title
Le retour de Buck le loup – French title
Die Teufelsschlucht der wilden Wölfe – German title
Wofsblut 2 – Dutch title
Wolfsblut kehrt zurück – Dutch title
Valkohampaan kosto – Finnish title
Powrót Bialego Kla – Polish title
La carrera del oro – Spanish title
Varghundens utmaning – Swedish title
White Fang to the Rescue – English title
The Return of White Fang – U.K. title
Challenge to White Fang – USA title

A 1974 Italian, French, West German co-production [Oceania Produzioni Internazionali Cinematografiche (Rome), Les Productions Fox Europa (Paris), I.C.I. (Munich)]
Producer: Ermanno Donati
Director: Lucio Fulci
Story: Roberto Gianviti, Alberto Silvestri
Screenplay: Lucio Fulci, Roberto Gianviti, Alberto Silvestri
Cinematography: Silvano Ippoliti [Eastmancolor, Panavision]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Running time: 102 minutes

Jason Scott - Franco Nero (Francesco Sparanero)
Sister Evangelina - Virna Lisi (Vivian Pieralisi)
Kurt Jansen - Raimund Harmstorf
John Tarwater - Harry Carey, Jr. (Henry Carey)
Bill Tarwater - Renato Cestiè (Massimo Conti)
Beauty Smith/Charles Forth - John Steiner
Jim HalL - Rik Battaglia (Riccardo Battaglia)
Lieutenant Charles Leclerc - Renato De Carmine
Carol - Yanti Sommer (Kirsti Somersalo)
Jane Leclerc - Hannelore Elsner (Hannelore Elstner)
Harvey - Werner Pochath (Werner Pocath)
Mitsah - Missaele
coloneL - John Bartha (János Barta)
bandit - Donal O’Brien (Donal O’Brien)
card player - Ezio Mariano
Beauty Smith’s henchman - Sergio Smacchi
brawlers in saloon - Goffredo Unger, Pietro Torrisi
with; Riccardo Petrazzi, Stanislaus Gunawan, Rolf Hartmann, Paolo Magalotti, Vittorio Fanfoni, Carla Mancini

A dying old miner wills his newly discovered gold mine to his grandson Bill Tarwater. When Beauty Smith, an evil businessman, finds out about the mine he tries to claim it for himself. When Sister Evangelina comes up with evidence to prove Smith has committed a list of crimes, he has her mission burned down killing her in the process. Journalist Jason Scott now takes up the cause and with the help of White Fang races to the mine to stop Smith.

This is a sequel to Lucio Fulci's earlier film “White Fang” (1973) starring many of the same cast.

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