Sunday, January 31, 2010

Brussels Film Festival

The third Edition of the Offscreen Film Festival will take place from March 4th - 21st 2010 at four different locations in Brussels.

Press release :

After two successful editions, the Offscreen Film Festival, an annual rendez-vous for enthusiasts of extraordinary cinema, is preparing its third festival edition. For three extended weekends, Cinema Nova, Cinematek, Bozar and the RITS will be buzzing with activity with screenings of cult films and rare cinematic pearls of international off-beat features, special documentaries and independent filmmakers packed with talent.

This year's festival will feature:

The Spaghetti Western

A genre that was pushed to the forefront by Sergio Leone and others and was all the rage in the '60s. A total of fifteen Westerns in vintage 35mm, including the titles Django and The Big Silence by Sergio Corbucci, The Big Gundown (La Resa dei Conti) by Sergio Sollima and Django Kill! by Giulio Questi. Some of these films will be introduced by the notorious British connoisseur, Alex Cox. A perfect occasion for the Cinematek to present several films by this independent director: Repo Man, Straight to Hell and Walker.

Japanese 70’s exploitation

The festival program will also explore Japanese exploitation cinema of the '70s with films like Female Prisoner #701: Scorpion by Shunya Ito, Female Yakuza Tale by Teruo Ishii and Girl Boss Guerilla by Norifumi Suzuki. Fans of bare-breasted armed gangs, virgins drunk with vengeance, sword-obsessed female gangsters and cruel schoolchildren, this is for you.

Icon of Z movies, clay animation and electro music

And there's more ! None other than the Spanish master of sleaze Jess Franco will join us, accompanied by his favourite actress Lina Romay. During the first festival weekend, they will present some of their cult classics at Bozar and Cinema Nova such as Vampyros Lesbos, Succubus, Shining Sex and Midnight Party. We are also pleased to announce that Bruce Bickford will be present at the festival - a reclusive genius and creator of freaky animated films, known in particular for the clay animation he created for Frank Zappa in the '70s and '80s. And finally, a special evening will be curated by extravagant electro musician Felix Kubin.

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