Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Upcoming Book Release

Any Gun Can Play: The Essential Guide to Euro-westerns by Kevin Grant

The success of Sergio Leone's 'Dollars' trilogy in the '60s sparked a gold rush, as a legion of European film-makers - many of them sharing the get-rich-quick mentality of Leone's mercenary anti-heroes - followed the master's lead to create some of the wildest Westerns ever made.

Cynical and stylish, bloody and baroque, Euro-Westerns replaced straight-shooting sheriffs and courageous cowboys with amoral adventurers, whose murderous methods would shock the heroes of Hollywood Westerns. These films became box-office sensations around the world, and their influence can still be felt today.

Any Gun Can Play puts the phenomenon into perspective, exploring the films' wider reaches, their recurrent themes, characters, quirks and motifs. It examines Euro-Westerns in relation to their American ancestors and the mechanics of the Italian popular film industry, and spotlights the unsung actors, directors and other artists who subverted the 'code' of the Western and dragged it into the modern age.

Based on years of research backed up by interviews with many of the genre's leading lights, including actors Franco Nero, Giuliano Gemma and Gianni Garko, writer Sergio Donati, and directors Sergio Sollima and Giuliano Carnimeo, Any Gun Can Play will satisfy both connoisseurs and the curious.

Complete with a foreword by Euro-Western legend Franco Nero, this stunningly illustrated reference guide takes aim at the lingering notion that the genre has little to offer beyond the 'Dollars' films and a fistful of others, exposing the full, vibrant history of the Euro-Western.

Publication Date: May 2010


  1. Thinking of ANY GUN CAN PLAY, just hearing report that George Hilton died yesterday. Any confirmation of that from your end?

  2. See obit above. I've only seen it posted on Italian Wikipedia and Edwige Fenech's facebook page. What a loss as he was one of the SW greats.

  3. Robert upon further research this may have been a hoax as I've received word from KOCH that one of their people spoke to Hilton this morning January 21st. We'll have to see what develops.

  4. I'm happy to report that George Hilton is alive and well. The report was a mistake and has been taken down on Italian Wikipedia.