Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Happy 70th Birthday Pietro Torrisi

Pietro Torrisi was born on January 20, 1940 in Catania, Italy. He used the aliases Peter Barclay, Peter McCoy, Peter Thorris, Peter Thorys and Peter Torres during his 40+ year career. The former Italian bodybuilder where he became Mr. Italy in 1963. started out as a stuntman in Sword and Sandal films his first role was in the 1963 film “Revolt of the Gladiators” directed by Gianfranco Parolini and starring Dan Vadis. Torrisi became a regular in many Italian westerns as soldiers, henchmen and saloon brawlers. Some of his larger roles include “Today We Kill, Tomorrow We Die” (1967), “The 5-Man Army” (1969), “The Twilight Avengers” (1970), “Return of Sabata” (1971) “The Genius” (1975). Pietro's last film appearance was in the 2004 film “Germanikus”. Today we celebrate Pietro Torrisi's 70th birthday.

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  1. He also starred in the h/c porn flick CHECK-UP EROTIQUE aka COME AGAIN DOCTOR which looks to have almost been certainly directed by Renato Polselli in the mid 70's.