Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Robert Charlebois, Dolores Claman to be among inductees to Canadian songwriters hall of fame

The Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame is getting amplified this year with the induction of influential Montreal musician Robert Charlebois. Charlebois songs getting into the Hall of Fame are "Fu Man Chu," "Les Ailes d'un ange," Ordinaire," "Demain l'hiver" and "Lindenberg." Charlebois starred with Terence Hill in “The Genius”. Montreal musician Vincent Vallieres played Charlebois tunes at the press conference, calling himself "a big fan." "He's a great singer-songwriter and he's also a great performer who changed the course of the rock 'n' roll music in French." Charlebois is also an officer of the Order of Canada as well as an officer of the National Order of Quebec.

Six other songs by other artists are also being inducted, including Vancouver composer Dolores Claman's iconic "The Hockey Theme." Released in 1968, the tune is often referred to as Canada's second national anthem and was played on CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada" until CTV purchased the rights in 2008. Claman composed the score for “Captain Apache” starring Lee Van Cleef.

Thanks to Mike Ferguson for providing WAI! with the information.

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