Monday, January 4, 2010


I Canadesi – Italian title
Al otro lado de la frontera – Spanish title
Kanadyjczycy - Polish title
Die rote Schwadron – German title

The Canadians – English title

A 1961 British, U.S.A. co-production [API, 20th Century Fox (Hollywood)]
Producer: Herman E. Webber
Director: Burt Kennedy
Story: Burt Kennedy
Screenplay: Burt Kennedy
Cinematography: Arthur Ibbetson [DeLuxe Color, CinemaScope]
Music: Douglas Gamley (John Gamley)
Running time: 85 minutes

Inspector William Gannon - Robert Ryan
Frank Boone - John Dehner (John Forkum)
Master Sergeant McGregor - Torin Thatcher
Constable Springer - Burt Metcalfe
Superintendent Walker - John Sutton
Greer - Jack Creley
Ben - Scott Peters (Peter Sikorski)
Billy - Richard Alden
white squaw - Teresa Stratas
Chief Four Horns - Michael Pate

The Sioux tribe of Indians, led by their Chief Four Horns, flee to Canada after the battle of Little Big Horn. They are stopped after crossing the northern border by Inspector William Gannon of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, who tells them they can remain in Canada provided they obey the laws. The Indians agree, but soon trouble comes calling when a Montana rancher named Frank Boone and three of his ranch hands come north to recover some horses they think were stolen by the Indians. When Boone and his ranch hands massacre a small village of the Sioux and kidnap a white squaw the Mounties, fearful of an Indian reprisal, quickly take the marauders into custody, however, they manage to escape, taking the squaw as a hostage. The Mounties pursue them and in the gun battle that ensues the woman is killed while saving Gannon's life. Boone and his men reach the top of Buffalo Cliffs. There they meet the Sioux, who start a horse stampede and drive Boone and his me over the edge of the cliff. When peace is finally restored, the Mounties return to their headquarters.


  1. Hi Tom,
    what's British about it? Some money involved?

  2. Ah, found it; 'twas a "quota film".

  3. Anyone got a copy of this film? I can't find any VHS or DVD releases.

  4. I've only seen it on TV. That was within the last 5 years but it's seldom shown and I don't know of any DVD or video release. Your best hope would be a DVD-R copy of the TV showing on e-bay or i-offer.

  5. My father was in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and was an extra in this film. I would really like to find a copy to give to him!

  6. Hi Brian, I've only seen the film once years ago on TV. It is not available on video or DVD that I know of but I did find this DVD-R for sale on I-OFFER. I hope it helps. Please tell me about your father and if he was in any other westerns as I'd like to add him to the cast list and any others he may have played a part in.

    1. Thanks Tom! I made an offer on the iOffer.
      Maybe he'll be able to send me a copy.
      My father was just out of recruit training at Depot Division in Regina when the film company asked for a bunch of Mounties to serve as extras on the film. He told me that he is on screen for a split second, standing next to a cannon as it fires and obscures him in smoke. After the film was finished he carried on with a 28 year career in the RCMP. His name is Garth Train; I highly doubt he would be in the credits!

  7. Thanks Brian. I hope you can get a copy of the film for your Dad to see. Best of luck.