Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Carlos (TV film)

Carlos – International title

A 1971 West German TV production [Iduna Film Produktiongesellschaft, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Westdeutscher Rundfunk (Munich)]
Producer: Helmut Haffner, Ernst Liesenhoff, Gunther Witte
Director: Hans W. Geissendörfer
Story: “Don Carlos” by Friedrich Schiller
Teleplay: Hans W. Geissendörfer
Photography: Robby Müller [color]
Music: Ernst Brandner
Running time: 107 minutes

Carlos - Gottfried John
Clara - Anna Karina (Hanne Bayer)
Lisa - Geraldine Chaplin
Phillip - Bernhard Wicki
Ligo - Horst Frank
Pedro - Thomas Hunter
Enrico - Sabi Dor (Sabi Dorr)
Roswitha - Lorenza Colville
Domingo - Shey K. Ophir
Tassos - Ruven Steffer
Mönch - Shmuel Wolff
Mario - Yossi Shiloah (Yossef Shiloach)
Col - Leon Charney
saloon girls - Mona Silberstein, Channa Neeman
with; Ebba Kaiser, Amos Mokadi, Beatrice Shimsoni, Micha Scharfstein (Michael Scharfstein), Towje Kleiner, Avrahnam Heffner, Peter Collins, Rafi Nelson, Ramy Jacob

Filmed in Israel and only shown on German TV a few times, the story is about the outcast son of a bandit and killer who turns against his father because of his brutal treatment of the poor peasants he controls to work in his mine. Carlos tries to help the enslaved workers and attempts a showdown with his father but he fails. The setting is 1915 southern Europe but is often mistakenly credited as Mexico. The best part of the film is it's unique score by composer Ernst Brandner. The track used over the opening credits is haunting.


  1. Tom,

    Has this ever shown up on video (DVD or VHS)?
    I have wanted to see this one for years and years.

  2. Yes it's available on German DVD. The poster I used is the cover of the DVD. You can possibly order it from German Amazon.com