Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy 85th Birthday Giacomo Furia

Giacomo Furia was born on January 2, 1925 in Naples, Italy. He debuted in the theater in 1945 with Eduardo DeFilippo and on film in 1947 with Mario Mattòli. Since then he's made over 150 film and TV appearances. He was a regular in several Totò films in the 1950s. He would appear in four Eurowesterns “The Dream of Zorro” (1951), “Vengeance Ranch” (1965), “And God Said to Cain” (1967) and “Where the Bullets Fly” (1972). He's also been active as a screenwriter and appeared in 2008 in “No Problem”. Today we celebrate Giacomo Furia's 85th Birthday.

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