Monday, November 16, 2009

Remembering Helmut Schreiber

Born Helmut Schreiber on November 16, 1924 in Muhlausen, Germany. He completed his studies and received a degree in Philosophy, German and Art History, then began studying acting and directing at a theater school. His film debut took place after World War II. At the same time he was also acting on stage and in 1950s East German televsion productions and films. He became a regular member of the DEFA acting stable specializing in the Indian films usually playing villains. He became one of the busiest actors of the 1960s and appeared in 8 of the Gojko Mitic films, among them “The Sons of Great Bear” (1965), “The Falcon's Trail” (1967), “Tecumseh” (1972 and “Severino” (1978). In addition to his screen appearances he also hosted childrens programs and worked as a voice actor while writing several screen plays. Later in life he would devote his time to writing children's books and working in ballet. He was married to actress Zofia Slaboszowska before his death in Bad Reichenhall on February 10, 1995. Today we remember Helmut Schreiber on what would have been his 85th birthday.

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