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Buffalo Bill l’eroe del far west – Italian title
Das war Buffalo Bill – German title
Buffalo Bill, le héros du far west – French title
L’attaque de Fort Adams – French title
Voittamaton – Finnish title
Buffalo Bill, o iroas tou Far West – Greek title
Buffalo Bill, bohater dzikiego zachodu – Polish title
El héroe del oeste – Spanish title
El héroe del oeste – Buffalo Bill – Spanish title
Buffalo Bill – U.K. title
Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West – U.S.A. title

A 1964 Italian, West German, French co-production [Filmes Cinematografica (Rome), Gloria Film GmbH (Munich), Les Films Corona (Paris)]
Producer: Solly V. Bianco
Director: John W. Fordson (Mario Costa)
Story: Nino Stresa
Screenplay: Louis Agotay, Pierre Corty (Pierre Lévy-Corti), Luciano Martino, Nino Stresa, Sigfrido Tomba, Ernesto Gastaldi
Cinematography: Jack Dalmas (Massimo Dallamano) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Carlo Rustichelli
Running time: 100 minutes

Story: Buffalo Bill is sent to the west by President Grant to settle an Indian uprising started by Yellow Hand and supported by gun smugglers.

Colonel William Cody/Buffalo Bill - Gordon Scott (Gordon Werschkul)
Big Sam Donaldson - Richard Stuyvesant (Mario Brega)
Monroe - Jan Hendriks (Heinz Hinz)
Mary Peterson - Ingeborg Schoener (Ingeborg Schöner)
Captain Hunter - Hans von Borsody
Yellow Hand - Mirko Ellis (Mirko Korcinsky)
Colonel Peterson - Rolando Lupi
Chief White Fox - Feodor Chaliapin (Feodor Chaliapin Jr.)
Rayon-de-Loon/Moonbeam - Catherine Ribeiro
George - Frank Farrel (Francisco Fantasia)
Snack - Hugo Arden (Domenico Sasso)
Red - Peter Lull (Giusva Lulli)
barman - Luigi Tosi
poker player - Scott Andrew (Andrea Scotti)
with; Jacques Herlin, Aldo Zamperla (Rinaldo Zamperla), Ronald Parish

Colonel William Cody, alias Buffalo Bill, intends to put an end to the dishonest relations between a gang of white swindlers and the Indian Yellow Hand. So he goes to the chief of Yellow Hand's tribe, Wise Fox, and tries to convince him to sign a peace treaty with the Federal troops. In order to avoid this, Yellow Hand abducts Wise Fox's daughter, pretending that the soldiers have done it. The plan succeeds and a conflict arises between the Indians and the soldiers. Peace is restored thanks to Buffalo Bill who defeats Yellow Hand in a savage one-to-one fight.

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