Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Bullchix – German title

A 1994 German production [Carofilm Carolin Otterbach (Munich)]
Producer: Alecsander Faroga
Director: Carolin Otterbach
Screenplay: Carolin Otterbach
Cinematography: Jo Heim [color, CinemaScope]
Music: Klaus Bangerter
Running time: 14 minutes

Queen - Inka Calvi
Kuxa - Ruth Geiersberger
Sandro - Jürgen Tonkel
Wächter - Waggie Brömse
Glatze - Andrusch Jung
with; Berrit Arnold

A Feminist's view of the Western.


  1. Tom, no sexploitation film; a short film, a feminist's view of the Western (from what I have read about it) that was shown on many festivals and on German TV

  2. Thanks Fatman. I just found additional credits last week in preparation for this post. The only acting credit I had before this was for Berrit Arnold who was basically a sexploitation actress at that time the film was made.