Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Buck e il braccialetto magico – Italian title
Território Selvagem – Brazilian title
Mein treuer Freund Buck – German title
Buck and the Magic Bracelet – English title

A 1997 Italian, U.S.A. co-production [Gruppo Minerva International (Rome), PM Entertainment Group (Hollywood)]
Producer: Gianluca Curti
Director: Anthony Richmond (Tonino Ricci)
Story: Based on “White Fang” by Jack London
Screenplay: Fabio Carpi
Cinematography: Giovanni Bergamini [Kodakcolor]
Music: Stefano Curti, Mauro Ruvolo
Running time: 110 minutes

Story: When Ma Dalton and her outlaw sons threaten a young boy and his dog, he finds he is protected by a magic bracelet.

Natty - Matt McCoy
Ma Dalton - Abby Dalton (Marlene Wasden)
Shanka - Felton Perry
Isaia - Béatrice Macola
Susan - Jane Alexander
Kevin - Frankie Nero
Sergeant O’Connor - Antonio Cantafora
Zeb Callaway - Conrad Nichols (Luigi Mezzanotte)
Goliath - Bobby Rhodes
Malachai - Mino Sferra
Malamute - Marcello Arnone
Ezechiele - Gianluca Petrazzi
Ross - Giovanni Turco
trader - Elio Giacobini
journalist - Lino Cantafora
Sam - Roberto Genovese
Brent - Angelo Ferraro
Les - Saverina La Ravina
hunter - Placido Bonifacio
tracker - Maurizio Comilo
Zak - Jaroglv Serguecy
Mike - Antonio Stagliano
Shaman - Paolo Turra
man - Giuseppe Gallo
acrobats - Gianluca Coppetta, Maurizio Mencini, Fabio Mencini
Buck - Buck

Tonino Ricci (aka Anthony Richmond) made a series of White Fang/Buck movies over the years (“White Fang to the Rescue” (1974), “Buck at the Edge of Heaven” (1991) and “Buck and the Magic Bracelet” (1994) all featuring the wolf-dog Buck). Buck is the canine guardian of a camp of gold miners headed up by Zeb and his son Kevin. Without warning the Whip gang invades massacre everyone and Buck is captured and hauled off to be used in dog fights back in town.
This sets up a revenge film for the miners and Kevin. After the Whip gang's attack Natty and his sidekick, an Indian medicine man Shanka, arrive to find that Kevin has somehow survived. There’s no trace of Zeb, though since he was shot twice and dumped in the river, things don’t look too good for him. Natty patches up Kevin and they leave the camp to head back to town, but not before Shanka leaves a note for Zeb in case he survived from his bullet wounds and hypothermia and returns to the camp.
The Whip gang is lead by a Bible-spoutting woman who is supposedly the mother of the rest of the members in the gang. The gang is pretty sadistic and when they’re not killing, and robbing they are usually fighting amongst themselves.


  1. Spaghetti western legend Frankie Nero, haha!

    Did this film receive a theatrical release in Italy?

  2. Doubtful. It's not listed at ANICA.

  3. According to Enrico Lancia, Dizionario del cinema italiano, I film, Bd. 6, it had.
    Distributor: Minerva Pictures; Registered Cin.Co 9122; Incasso: 270.000 Lire (which is next to nothing)

  4. Thanks Fatman. It was a direct to video release here in the U.S.A.

  5. Only a TV screening here; and "a" means 1, afaik.

  6. whoo is FRANKIE NERO? Did he play any other role?
    its NOT FRANCO NERO... maybe its son?

  7. Its no other credit for Frankie Nero on IMDB ...
    did he act in any other movie?

  8. That's his only credit under the name Frankie Nero which may be an alias.