Thursday, November 19, 2009

Buffalo Bill’s Wild West – International title

A 1906 Italian production [Albertini& Santoni (Rome)]
Producers: Filoteo Alberini, Dante Santoni
Director: Filoteo Alberini
Cinematography: Filoteo Alberini [black & white]
Running time:

Buffalo Bill (William Cody)

Scenes of Wild Bill's Wild West Show during the 1906 appearance in Rome.

[Filoteo Albertini (1865-1937) invented the Kinetograph and requested a patent in 1894 but due to bureaucracy it was not granted until 1895 during the same month Lumiere projected his film “L”Arrivo di un treno allastazione di La Ciotat” (The Arrival of the Train at La Ciotat). Fascinated with the invention he and his friend Dante Santoni started recording events in the everyday life of Rome including the arrival of Buffalo Bill and his Wild West Show in 1906.]

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  1. Tom, would you know if this film still exists, and if so, where one can view it?