Sunday, November 15, 2009

Bernard Farber photo

FARBER, Bernard (aka Farber Bernard, Benny Faber, Benny Farber) [12/21/1935, Paris, Ile-de-France, France - 1/?/1996]
Blood for a Silver Dollar – 1965
Vendetta at Dawn – 1971
Django Defies Sartana – 1970 (Philip Singer)
Joe Dakota – 1971
Man of the East – 1974


  1. Biltmore: Mr Farber died in January 1996. He has a daughter, Natalie Farber Valverde, who lives in Spain.

  2. Biltmore: More on Mr Farber's daughter. Born in Rome, in 1976. Her mother is Spanish and worked behind the scenes in the film industry.

  3. Hello I'm Nathalie Farber Valverde,who are you
    anonymous????you know me??

  4. Im looking for a Bernard Farber who worked with Norman Mailer on a book on bullfighting. Am I warm anywhere, anybody? AJ

  5. Allen

    he's not the same bernard farber.This bernard farber is an actor..;)

    And anonymous:My mother is Spanish,but she doesn't work in the film industry,she's a teacher.