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Le colt cantarono le morte e fu tempo di massacro – Italian title
Tempo di massacro – Italian title
Temps de massacre – Spanish title
Las pistolas cantaron la muerte – Spanish title
Tiempo de massacre – Argentinean title
Tempo de Massacre – Brazilian title
Django the Runner – Dutch title
Colttikonsertti - Finnish title
Dollari laukauksesta – Finnish title
Le ville sans sheriff – French title
Le temps du massacre – French title
Django – Sein Gesangbuch war der Colt – German title
Django – der Hauch des Todes – German title
Tempo de Massacre - Portuguese title
En Dollar per Skott – Swedish title
Kirbaç altinda – Turkish title
Massakro – Turkish title
Colt Concert – U.K. title
Massacre Time – English title
Time for a Massacre – English title
The Brute and the Beast – U.S.A. title

A 1966 Italian, Spanish co-production [L.F. Produzioni Cinematografica (Rome) Colt Produzioni Cinematografiche, Mega Films (Madrid)]
Producer: Lucio Fulci, Oreste Coltellacci, Ugo Santalucia
Director: Lucio Fulci
Story: Fernando di Leo, Vincenzo Dell’Aquila
Screenplay: Fernando di Leo
Cinematography: Riccardo Pallottini [Eastmancolor, Colorscope]
Music: Lallo Gorri (Coriolano Gori)
Song: “A Man Alone” sung by Sergio Endrigo
Running time: 92 minutes

Tom Corbett/Django - Franco Nero (Francesco Sparanero)
Jeff “Slim” Corbett - George Hilton (Jorge Lara)
Jason Scott Jr./Jonah/Junior - Nino Castelnuovo (Francesco Castelnuovo)
Mercedes - Rina Franchetti
Jason Scott Sr. - John McDouglas (Giuseppe Addobbati)
Souko - Aysanoa Runachagua
Brady - Lynn Shayne (Emerlinda Siniscalchi)
Carradine - John Bartha (János Barta)
undertaker - Tchang Yu (Yu Tchang)
Scott henchmen - Sal Borgese (Salvatore Borgese), Attilio Severini, Roberto Alessandri, Romano Puppo
Murph - Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
Jeremiah Farber - Franco Gulà (Francesco Gulà)
bartender - Enrico Pagano
party guest - Gino Barbacane
with; Franco Morici, Mario Dionisi

This early Fulci western features Tom, a gold panner who receives a note from a family friend to return home. His brother, Jeff, owns the family farm, but upon returning Jeff is nowhere to be found and the area is now owned by Mr. Scott. The townsfolk don't take too kindly to strangers and Mr. Scott and his son, Jr., have a reign of terror going against the townspeople. When one family wants to move away, Scott asks why leave the town where your dead are buried? When the old man replies he has no dead buried in this town, Jr. shoots the old man's son saying he does now. It becomes obvious that the backbone of this terror is played out at the hands of Jr. and Scott is reluctant to play along.

Tom locates Jeff and his Indian maid and they quickly tell him to leave immediately. Tom says he won't go anywhere until he finds out why Carradine sent the note for him to come home. But before Carradine has a chance to tell Tom, Scott's men shoot him and his whole family. When Tom finally meets with Scott, he gets in a fight with Jr. and is almost whipped to death. Later that night, Scott's men come and the Indian maid is killed, so Jeff and Tom head out seeking revenge.

It turns out that Scott is Tom's real father and he had the note sent as he wanted them to be together, but Jr. wanted everything for himself and was trying to keep Tom away. For revenge against the death of his father, Jeff kills Scott, and the two head out after Jr. After killing off about 30 of Scott's men, Jr. takes a nasty little fall to his death.

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  1. Finnish video title ("Colttkonsertii") is misspelled, correct spelling would be "Colttikonsertti".

    Great film! Honestly speaking, I prefer Massacre Time to Django any day.

  2. Thanks Smjango, noted and changed. I tend to agree but Jr.s death could have been a little more creative since he deserved worse.

  3. This film is far better than I expected, and the title "Massacre Time" is more descriptive than lame "The Brute and the Beast." The two things I disliked are the opening scene (looks like a film with a $12 budget), and the rather phony and overwrought whipping scene. The long and intense gunfight in the end is outstanding.

  4. Tom, "Colttikonsertti" is still misspelled (should be "tti" instead of "tii").

    Junior's death is too unspectacular but I like the thing with pigeons, nice symbolism and also reminds me of John Woo's films. The final bloody gunfight before it is one of the best big actions scenes this genre has to offer. "Massacre time" indeed...