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Occhio alla penna – Italian title
Eine Faust geht nacht Western – German title
Buddy gi'r en håndfuld øretæver – Danish title
Buddy villissä lännessä – Danish title
Bud Spencer hämäräpuuhissa – Finnish title
Lättäjalka hämäräpuuhissa – Finnish title
On m’appelle MALABAR – French title
Aranyeso Yuccában – Hungarian title
Vestens Hardeste Neve – Norwegian title
Dos granujas en el oeste – Spanish title
El amigo de Trinity vuelve al oeste – Spanish title
Bud Spencer Hammarapuchissa – Swedish title
Skumma Polare – Swedish title
A Feather in the Eye – English title
A Fist Goes West – English title
Buddy Goes West – USA title

A 1981 Italian, German co-production [Alex Cinematografica (Rome), Rialto Film (Berlin)]
Producer: Horst Wendlandt, Claudio Mancini
Director: Michele Lupo
Story: Sergio Donati
Screenplay: Sergio Donati,
Dialogue: Gene Luotto (Eugenio Luotto)
Cinematography: Franco di Giacomo (Francesco Di Giacomo) [Color, Technovision]
Music: Ennio Morricone
Song: “Vaohanana manitu” sung by Ferruccio Amendola
Running time: 100 minutes

Buddy/Doctor Malabar - Bud Spencer (Carlo Pedersoli)
Cocoa/Girolamo/Adler - Amidou (Amidou Messaoud)
Sheriff Bronson - Joe Bugner (József Bugner)
Colorado Slim - Riccardo Pizzuti
taylor - Carlo Reali
Widow Gordon - Sara Francshetti (Sara Franchetti-Girgenti)
Popsy Logan - Piero Trombetta
Romy Gordon - Andrea Heuer
Logan - Renato Scarpa
Trash - Osiride Pevarello
professor - Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi)
waiter - Roberto dell’Acqua
Army captain - Salvatore Basile
Colorado Slim’s henchmen - Giovanni Cianfriglia, Ottaviano dell’Acqua, Sergio
Smacchi, Marcello Verziera, Roberto dell’Acqua, Angelo Ragusa
cowboy - Lionello Pio di Savoia
saloon owner - Amedeo Leurini
saloon patrón - Bruno Di Luia
outlaw - Romano Puppo
restaurant patron - Alessandra Vazzoler
guest at swimming pool - Angelo Boscariol
guest in restaurant - Anna Maria Perego
with; Marilda Donà, Pino Patti, Lorenzo Fineschi, Neno Zamperla (Nazzareno Zamperla)

Bud Spencer is without his comedy sidekick Terence Hill in this western comedy about a sharp-shooting, drifiting outlaw who is mistaken for a doctor by the inhabitants of Yucca City, a small western town, after his Indian companion Cocoa, steals a bag of surgical tools by accident. When the town comes under fire from a hoard of outlaws he shows what he really can do: bust some heads. It seems the town is located above a vast gold deposit and the outlaws want the town. Buddy goes into action to defend the town and make up for his past misdeeds. The film is full of the typical comedy bits including a hilarious eating contest between Buddy & the local Sheriff Bronson.

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